This photo requires a longer explanation.

When Giulia first arrived in Palma, she had to pass through Barcellona with her car. Well, it's too much long to tell, but she was robbed of all the dearest things she had. You know how it works. All the practical stuff doesn't matter, you're just pissed off for all the time you will need to get them back or make them anew. Passport, credit cards, and we still aren't talking about money.

But there were many personal things among the stolen ones: gifts, books, old memories. One of the things was the old Nikon D90. The first reflex Giulia bought by herself with the first salary in Florence. And, you see, it was not about the money. It was about how taking photos was a way to express herself. Well, it was a deep hurt and it took over one month to decide we had to exorcise this loss doing something. We looked a bit around for some used stuff. We were afraid to buy a used one but when we found a D90 just in Palma, a few miles away from where we live, we took it as a signal. We called the guy, saw the camera, took it. We still missed a lens like the stolen one, but we were happy to be able to take photos again.

One month later we went to Milan for the Archive concert. We had to do some work stuff in a road where a Cash Converter is. The lens we missed was there. Second signal. Well, this photo you see below is the first Luca took with the new lens, while we were still in the shop. And the photo was taken to close the circle of things begun in one year, since we met for the first time. A necessary section of our lives, containing good and bad events. So that the photo could give birth to another season of our life together.

(Ok, it's over. Don't mind, we won't write anymore any philosophical sugary long story like this. We swear.)

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