Mercado de Consell

Mercado de Consell

We live in Palma de Mallorca. Olla lives here. Olla is us.

We love wandering around every time we can. We love markets and colours. We love people, and people faces and looks.

We love taking pictures of (apparently) useless and meaningless little things. We love music, and sounds, and sounds that people don't consider music.

In Mallorca island there are many funny and colourful markets. Consell is one of these. You can find there everything, from a bocadillo con chorizo parrillero to typefaces. Going through old postcards and giant hawsers. Every sunday, always cloudy. Why? We don't know. But no matter if in Palma centre there is a shining sun. At Consell market it's always raining.

Here's where Consell is.

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