Passport photo in Milan

How to make a passport photo in Milan

This is a little story.

Once in Milan, Giulia had to renew her driving license. We didn't know we were going to need some photos so we didn't prepare them in advance. The policeman suggested to make them while he was waiting, to finish the procedure.

So we had to look for someone to take these photos, and just in front of the Police station there was this internet point. Outside there was a 'passport photos here' stuck on the shop window.

We went inside and we found this wonderful Moroccan or Algerian old man. On our request, he just went back in the office and took a small digital compact camera. To take the photos and then print them in passport size. When he saw Luca had our digital reflex he was quite giving up. We were embarassing him, but it was not our intention. We were really delighted by this mechanism. And he took a very good photo. maybe one of the best Giulia ever put on a document. We went out of the shop loving him.

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